Memory Care Center

Located on the Lakes Campus, the Memory Care Center will boast seven acres of secure space to tend to the mind, body, and spirit of Residents living with dementia and their caregivers. Juxtaposing traditional models, the Memory Care Center will comprise two primary components: The Commons building, often referred to as Main Street or the Town Center; and out skirted Households, often referred to as the suburbs. Residents who call the Memory Center home will be able to roam about the secure campus as they please, exercising their autonomy and holding their dignity to the highest of standards.

With emphasis on normalizing dementia and reducing frequently associated stigmas, the design and programming of the Memory Care Center will focus on creating a supportive and welcoming environment for all. Amenities will foster independence and encourage the highest level of functioning for those living with memory loss. The site’s design will allow memory-impaired Residents to move freely from their household into the central courtyard and to the Commons. Design features, technology, and other safeguards will ensure that Memory Care Center Residents are safe and will not be able to leave the secure zone without a Team Member or family member. Naturally lit rooms will help to reset circadian rhythms and minimize confusion. Calming, safe spaces will offer peace of mind to families and will be inviting to friends and family as they spend quality time with their loved ones. Dedicated assessment, education, and training centers will serve as a tangible means for transforming the way care is provided to those living with dementia.

The Memory Care Center will function under the premise of the social model and will employ an above-average staffing ratio to do so. Upholding this person-centered approach and adapting the environment to meet the needs of Residents living with dementia will provide an unequivocal dimension of support.  Each component of this Center will expose the exponential benefits to be felt by Residents, caregivers, and the broader community. This is the future of Memory Care.

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