Memory Care Center - Households

The Memory Care Center will be home to 140 Residents at any given time. The Center will encompass 14 separate households, each serving as home to 10 Residents. Nurses and Dementia Certified Team Members will provide round the clock care and support within the households with an enhanced staffing ratio of five Residents to every one caregiver. Should they choose, Residents will have the opportunity to engage in daily routines alongside the Team Members.  Such routines may include helping to prepare meals or complete household tasks that provide a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

To help preserve the Resident’s dignity, every room will be private. Provided furnishings will be designed to assist with activities of daily living or to help Residents retain connections with their life prior to memory loss. Residents will be able to bring their own furnishings if they desire.

As in any home, the central gathering space will be the kitchen, family-style dining room, and living room. The space is designed to foster a sense of community, of family. Residents will be free to move between the communal space and their rooms as they wish.

One of the most creative aspects of our Memory Care Center is the way we will provide clubs and activities for our Residents. While some limited activities will occur within the households, many will be offered in the various club locations throughout the Memory Care Center. This is in keeping with our normalization tenet—where normal life routines will occur within the households, while participation in broader social life activities, such as clubs, events, grocery shopping, and going to a restaurant, will take place outside the household.

Each household will have a convenient private entrance and a porch or patio to reinforce those comforts of home.

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