Memory Care Center - Key Principles and Goals

  • Enabling those with dementia to live as normal lives as possible.
  • Providing continuity with the Resident’s former life, prior to memory loss, by learning as much as we can from their family and friends.
  • Caring for the Resident without the confinement traditionally used in memory care, giving them a sense of freedom.
  • Stimulating the Resident’s mind, body, and spirit.
  • Striving to help the Resident thrive, even as his or her dementia progresses.
  • Treating the Resident with respect and dignity—always.
  • Providing moments of joy, even if the Resident remembers them only for a brief time.
  • Ensuring families do not fear or dread placing their loved ones into memory care.

Our Development Plan

  • Establish a BRAIN INSTITUTE that will focus on education to promote brain health.
  • Develop an INNOVATIVE PROGRAMMING MODEL that focuses on remaining abilities.
  • Establish an ASSESSMENT CENTER for earlier diagnosis and treatment plans, developed in partnership with a prominent academic medical center.
  • Establish a CAREGIVER SUPPORT AND RESOURCE CENTER that will offer family members a location to be supported by peers and professional staff.
  • Establish a SPECIALIZED TEAM MEMBER TRAINING CENTER offering ongoing hands-on mentoring for all levels of staff.

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