Memory Care Center: The Commons

Willow Valley Communities’ Memory Care Center’s stunning entrance will draw you in. The 32,965 square-foot secure Commons building will include an array of services and amenities for Residents with dementia, their caregivers, and the greater community.

The Commons building contains an array of services and amenities, all designed to support Residents and provide as normal a life as possible. The enclosed, soaring atrium will flood the Commons with natural light, making it feel like an outdoor plaza. Greater exposure to natural light has been shown to reduce depression, lessen agitation among people with dementia, and improve workplace satisfaction.


Adult Day Center

Families will feel confident leaving their loved one in the adult day center which provides a stimulating social environment, while giving caregivers a break. Those Residents will be able to experience all the amenities in the secure area of the Memory Care Center.

The Bistro

A bistro/restaurant will offer a pleasant, casual restaurant for memory care Residents and their families—and will also be open to all Willow Valley Communities Residents.

Brain Institute

Located near the entrance to the Memory Care Center, and just outside of the secure area, the Brain Institute will include spaces designed to serve Willow Valley Communities Residents across our continuum of care and the broader community. The overall goal of this area is to raise awareness and provide the tools and support to lower the risk for dementia.

Outdoor Courtyard

The site’s design will allow memory-impaired Residents to move freely from their household into the central courtyard and to the Commons. Those who enjoy the outdoors will be able to take in the sights, sounds, and aromas of a natural space, walking paths, beautifully landscaped gardens, a lake and water features.


A greenhouse will allow for year-round gardening. Research has shown that nature-related activities can have a calming effect on Residents with dementia. A combination of horticulture therapy and aromatherapy will help to restore a sense of tranquility.

Grocery Store

Residents can shop, with a Team Member or their family, for food that they can enjoy during the coming days. A bakery and ice cream parlor will be hallmarks of the grocery store for the Residents’ enjoyment. The grocery store also serves as central supply for all areas of the Memory Care Center.

Prayer & Meditation Room

A meditation area is provided for Residents and family members who desire a quiet location—possibly for contemplation, spiritual reflection, or private conferences.

Dance & Fitness Studio

The exponential benefits of combining music and movement will bring joy to Residents while increasing cognitive functioning, improving strength and balance.

Therapy Suite

A therapy suite located in the Commons will enable Residents to remain physically active. Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists will be on-site to ensure that Residents have access to the tools and assistance they need in order to enjoy life to their highest level of functioning.

Indoor Stage

An open stage in the atrium will provide a space where entertainers, presenters, concerts, and various larger group activities can be enjoyed. A true destination for community engagement. A benefit to the stage’s location is that Residents of many of the households can listen to and/or observe whatever is happening on the stage from their balconies or porches.

Team Member Rejuvenation

Working with memory-impaired individuals can be challenging. A dedicated Team Member renewal area will offer staff a soothing environment in which to get away for a bit, relax, recharge, and avoid burnout.

Brain Café

Open to visitors from the community, The Brain Cafe will provide delicious and nutritious foods to support optimal brain performance for all Residents.

Salon and Spa

A salon and spa offers normal hair care along with more specialized spa services like massages, facials, and nail care.
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