Why Philanthropy?

In the past, Willow Valley Communities has self-funded major construction projects. The sheer scope of this unprecedented Memory Care Center requires that some philanthropy be pursued. Willow Valley Communities will fund a major portion of the construction cost, but this unique building project and its planned staffing, Resident care amenities and programs related to assessment, education, caregiver support, and research will require the philanthropic support of the community.

Because of the projected impact on our community, Lancaster County, and the advancing field of care for the aging, Willow Valley Communities Charitable Foundation volunteers and staff believe this is an ideal project for the Willow Valley Communities’ first major fundraising capital campaign.

Project Budget

Willow Valley Communities Investment $30,000,000
Capital Campaign Proceeds for Construction & Endowment $20,000,000

This campaign will raise a minimum of $20,000,000 to positively transform the way aging is viewed and experienced, ensuring the best possible memory care for current and future generations. $15,000,000 (minimum) of the goal is earmarked toward construction of the initial phase of this groundbreaking project – the Commons building plus two, two-story households for 100 residents. The other $5,000,000 (minimum) of the $20,000,000 goal will be dedicated to creating a permanent endowment that will ensure operational, staffing and programmatic sustainability in perpetuity. In addition to the current and future (planned) gifts raised through the $20 million (minimum) fundraising campaign, Willow Valley Communities will invest $30,000,000 for this vital project.

Project Timeline

The leadership gift and pace-setting phase of the This is Personal capital campaign began in Winter 2020. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the campaign demonstrated early success in reaching the first milestone goal of $13 million. This significant amount serves as the threshold for entering into the public phase of the campaign. With the continued support of many, the momentum of the campaign will give way to the commencement of construction of the Memory Care Center. The below table delineates the tentative start date for construction in relation to other projects occurring simultaneously at Willow Valley Communities.

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