Memory Care Center - Clinical Research and Innovation

As Willow Valley Communities conceived its industry-leading Memory Care Center, it was determined that an important component would be research based to help identify best-practice models of care to improve quality of life for those living with dementia and their caregivers. In addition, a key element would be focused on individuals not presently diagnosed with dementia but those looking to forestall or delay the onset – through healthy lifestyle practices. These evidenced-based interventions will then be shared with the community-at-large.

The Memory Care Center will benefit not only Willow Valley Communities’ Residents, but also the entire region and the aging profession. Willow Valley Communities intends to expand its role in helping researchers study and treat— and perhaps someday even prevent—dementia.

Accordingly, a Brain Institute has been designated for an unsecured portion of our Memory Care Center. The Brain Institute consists of the following components, all of which will be developed and operated in concert with our prominent research center partner(s):


The Brain Institute will be an engaging and fun space where Independent Living Residents, family members, and the outside community can improve their brain health. This unsecured area will offer the latest interactive technology to help people learn how to ward off cognitive disorders as long as possible.


The assessment center will offer memory screening and other testing for early detection of dementia. The assessment center may be offered in partnership with a prominent medical center.


Listen to lectures from leading experts on various topics associated with memory and dementia.


The opportunity to establish clinical research partnerships will undoubtedly improve the quality of care for Residents.

Willow Valley Communities is presently in discussion with several leading universities and research centers about research opportunities within the campus. With a population of Willow Valley Communities’ size, there is great opportunity to participate in research which can have significant implications for the memory care field.

Independent Living Residents looking to add meaning to their lives or develop a deeper understanding of the steps they could take to improve their own brain health can choose to participate in clinical research studies, the results of which may help to shape the future of memory preservation and care.

Improvements in technology will give way to new caregiving techniques that have yet to be discovered.

Working with the world’s leading experts in Artificial Intelligence, computer learning, and dementia research will set us forth on an unparalleled course for helping to prevent dementia or becoming part of the cure!

Current conversations with Carnegie Melon University, and future partnerships with the like, will bring an additional element of hope to the Memory Care Center.

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