Memory Care Center - Mission and Vision

We Can Do Better

At Willow Valley Communities, we believe memory care in the United States has not been innovative enough. Hampered by conventional thinking and challenges in the health care industry, senior living communities have been unable to provide the absolute best possible quality of life for persons living with dementia and their caregivers. Willow Valley Communities intends to change that. For everyone.

Our Mission

We inspire each person to embrace the possibilities of a life lived forward.

Our Vision

  • To positively transform the way aging is viewed and experienced in our world.
  • To innovate and improve upon the best memory care models – the Willow Valley Way.
  • To improve quality of life for people with dementia using the right interventions. Resident care will focus on accentuating a person’s abilities through these basic tenets:
    • Leading as normal a life as possible
    • Meaningful engagement throughout the day
    • Personalized approach for each Resident
    • Intentional physical environment
    • Engagement across generations, keeping families involved
    • Behavior as communication when speaking is difficult

Although we already incorporate many of these into our memory care protocols, we are working with experts to maximize these principles at the new Memory Care Center.


Willow Valley Communities has looked to best practices within the United States and across the globe. We have visited “dementia villages,”  investigated partnerships with local universities, hospitals, and assessment centers to improve the assessment process and related care practices, and examined the pros and cons of various models of memory care environments.


Willow Valley Communities has engaged NORD Architects, a Denmark-based firm, to design our Memory Care Center. Continuously evolving and community-conscious, NORD embraces people through their designs, highlighting central themes of home and healing. Supporting NORD, EGA Architects in Massachusetts has been engaged as the stateside partner. We also continue to consult with some of the world’s leading dementia experts, including Dr. Jiska Cohen-Mansfield, Dr. Bill Thomas, and Dr. James Vickers. 

“Willow Valley Communities has the opportunity to develop a world class model that is innovative and replicable.”

Igor Orenstein Chair for the Study of Geriatrics, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

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